Frozen Pond Grab Bag Toronto Edition 12.0

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Frozen Pond Grab Bag - Toronto Edition 12.0

$85 each

Grab Bags are loaded with HOF’ers and current/retired stars and superstars. Only 100 available. All Toronto Grab Bags have 2-3 signed items - a mixture of photos, pucks, cards, and balls. Bonus unsigned items are also randomly included.

Each box will contain a minimum of $109* retail worth of autographed sports memorabilia featuring past and present Toronto athletes. The average retail price is $145+.

  • 1 bag will contain a WAMCO framed autographed 16X20 photo (retail - $625)
  • 1 bag will contain a Roger Clemens autographed baseball (retail - $399)
  • 1 bag will contain an Auston Matthews signed puck (retail - $325)
  • 1 bag will contain a Jose Baustista autographed bat (retail - $275)
  • 1 bag will contain a Vladimir Guerrero Jr. autographed photo (retail - $215)
  • 1 bag will contain a Joe Carter autographed bobblehead (retail - $193)

Randomly inserted players include Allen, Alomar, Barfield, Baun, Belfour, Bell, Borders, Bower, Clark, Courtnall, Damphousse, Donaldson, Ellis, Encarnacion, Espinal, Fuhr, Gartner, Gaston, Gilmour, Green, Gruber, Hentgen, Iafrate, Joseph, Kaberle, Keon, Kessel, Leeman, Lindros, Molitor, Morris, Moseby, Murphy, Palmateer, Phaneuf, Pillar, Potvin, Pulford, Roberts, Romano, Sittler, Sprague, Springer, Stewart, Stieb, Stoudamire, Thomas, Tucker, Ullman, Vaive, White, etc.

All signed "Toronto" items in our inventory have the potential to be included. This comprises past and current Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, and Argonauts (mostly Leafs and Blue Jays).

All Grab Bag purchases are final. No refunds or exchanges. *For the purpose of this promotion, all SALE priced items will have their values calculated using standard retail pricing.

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