No one sells more autographed hockey memorabilia than Frozen Pond. Our reputation for providing quality autographed hockey collectibles is second to none. All items are signed during private, sit-down autograph sessions with the player. No ‘outside arena’ or ‘hotel lobby’ scribbles will ever find their way into our catalogs. Only the best is made available for public sale.

All autographed items include a Certificate of Authenticity and are branded with our Frozen Pond holofoil.

We have the best references available – the player’s themselves.

Complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

The Frozen Pond Holofoil

All autographed Frozen Pond merchandise is branded with the Frozen Pond holofoil. By further authenticating all autographs, we feel we have brought our merchandise to a new level of credibility equaled by few.

All autographs signed in our presence will be privy to the Frozen Pond holofoil. The authenticity of these items is unquestionable.

In our never ending quest to maintain the integrity of the hobby and preserve the value of your collectibles, we feel the addition of the holofoil to our autographed products will only have positive effects.